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International Student Education (ISE) Travel is an MOE-appointed framework provider for school tours since 2008.


We have also been a working partner of Rotary Clubs for overseas service project activities providing logistics support and coordination services since 1996. 

ISE Travel is a licensed travel management company by the Singapore Tourism Board since 2004 and is an active member of the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore.  It was honoured with the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2004 amongst other awards.



Service is our Business

Pre Covid19, ISE Travel has been creating awareness that the privilege of combining travelling and serving provides a unique opportunity to learn more about Earth, the wonder of its natural beauty, and its many diverse peoples, cultures and heritage while fostering mutual respect, understanding and appreciation with each person we encounter in the process.   


One of the most memorable projects undertaken by ISE Travel with Rotary Clubs is during the Asian Tsunami post disaster project in Southern Thailand from 2005-2011 where hundreds of youth volunteers served at the various communities who lost families and homes. 


Since then, we have been serving schools, youth volunteer groups, tertiary institutions, private groups and corporations and even families travelling in S E Asia and around the world in connecting with reputable and credible NGOs where we recommend, manage, facilitate and coordinate logistics support to create successful service learning experience in real live situations in Asia including post disaster service projects such as the Bantul Earthquake (Yogjakarta 2006), Mt Merapi Eruption (Yogyakarta 2010), Typhoon Haiyan (Philippines 2013) and Japan Tsunami (Miyagi 2011)  and now via virtual channel during the Covid-19 pandemic (ASEAN 2020).

Often, ISE Travel works with a dedicated team of Rotary Club members who are professionals and overseas NGO partners to advise and co-lead volunteers in the planning, risk assessment mapping and delivering of service project execution.

In achieving a safe haven for our future generations, ISE Travel continues to advocate the spirit of volunteerism albeit through virtual interaction in battling the pandemic crisis that is impacting millions of people especially in our region where disease and poverty know no borders.  In return we hope these shall be replaced by love and peace without borders.  


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